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Holly Branagan

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Murdered 3/28/1979

Case File Details

It was March 28 1979 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Holly Branagan was 17 years and a senior at Freedom High School. She was well liked, popular, and planning to attend Penn State. Holly had plans to go out to dinner with some friends later in the evening. Shortly before her plans, she was brutally murdered. She was on the phone with a friend when she heard someone knock on her door, she hung up the phone and answered the door. Holly was then stabbed to death. She was stabbed 18 times total, 15 of the stabs being in the back and 3 defensive wounds.

Case Updates

We will add any relevant and permitted information when authorized.

Community Involvement

We will provide community outreach efforts when available.

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