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Gail and Paul Schultz

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Murdered 3/ 7/1953

Case File Details

Gail Schultz was an older half-sister to her younger brother Paul, who some believe had autism. Gail took it upon herself to teach Paul how to be independent, but on March 7, 1953, they both went missing. Their father found them at Black Rock Creek and pulled them out, but they were already dead. The police report later revealed that they had been murdered.

The autopsy revealed that the children died 30 minutes after leaving home and showed severe head wounds. John C. Katinis, the funeral director, concluded that the wounds were too severe to have been caused by a fall and that Gail had been hit seven times with a heavy object. Paul Jr had been hit three times, one of which penetrated his skull and damaged his brain. The police were involved but the crime scene had already been compromised and the investigation was complicated by the fact that many people had visited the area and snow had covered the area. Gail's glasses were found 9 days later and a large blade with a plastic handle was found but was too rusted to match the wounds.

Case Updates

We will add any relevant and permitted information when authorized.

Community Involvement

We will provide community outreach efforts when available.

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